A Roommate Finder
For Professionals

Simplicity in finding roommates through an all-in-one platform integrating a professional's personal, rooming, and networking needs.

Why Choose Prommuni

Find Roommates

Roommate finding is difficult. We've made it easy by matching results using an algorithm of your preferences.

Build a Social Network Easily

Who you stay with can improve your network. Review occupations, industries, bios, and personal interests to find the best fit for your personal and career goals.

Create a Roommate Group

Add professionals you connected with to a roommate group and use the chat feature to discuss and share.

Let's Deep Dive Into
How It Works

Create a Profile

Profiles should include both the social and professional lives of a person. At setup, it will collect your preferred number of roommates, budget range, industry preference, and more.

  • Easily adjust preferences in the application through My Profile or the sidebar filter, so don't sweat if your needs change.
  • An intuitive search bar to filter roommates further by keywords, profession, and username handles.

Send Friend Request and Invite to Join Group

Roommate groups can be public or private. Public groups are the most convenient, as it skips friend requests and acceptance stages, but loses the specificity of the roommate in the process. Private groups require an invitation and acceptance to join.

  • Seamlessly toggle between public and private group setting preference.
  • View and join existing public groups or invite professionals selectively to join a group.

Chat With Your Roommate Group

Once a group has at least two members, a fully functional chat will be generated in the My Group section. The chat will include timestamps and file attachment in the initial beta release.

  • Receive notifications for updates in the group chat.
  • Get to know each other, share house findings, and coordinate move-in.

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I've been wanting to find roommates in STEM so I can have close friends in my field. I finally feel I can do that without any hassle.

Brett McCoy,  Full stack developer